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Hi, my name is Gerlyanne, but you can call me Ge.
I am a UX/UI Designer located in Toronto, Canada. I started my journey in the design universe back in 2008 when I decided to open a company to sell my original design. Later on, I pursued an architectural technologist diploma, which kept me engaged with design in various ways, through my work, freelancing, and studies.
In 2019 while still working as an architectural technologist I became passionate about UX/UI designer, and more I studied more I was sure that that’s the career I wanted for my future. To achieve my new life goal, I enrolled in several courses and used my previous experience as an advantage to fast learn and improve my expertise in the field.


UX Designer | Candid
Canada, ON | Aug. 2022 - Nov. 2022
As a UX Designer at Candid, my work centered on understanding user needs and applying that knowledge to create user-centered designs that aligned with the company's vision.
• Performed user studies to gain insights into user needs and behaviors, informing design strategies.
• Utilized Figma to create wireframes and high-fidelity prototypes, translating user needs into engaging digital experiences.
• Engaged with cross-functional teams, ensuring that product designs met company objectives and fostered a unified vision.
• Prioritized accessibility and inclusivity, making data-driven design decisions to enhance product usability.
• Played a pivotal role in the success of Candid's digital products, demonstrating a robust grasp of user-centered design principles and technical proficiency with Figma.

UX Designer | Think Thunk Media
Canada, ON | May. 2021 - Nov. 2021
At Think Thunk Media, as the sole UX Designer, I applied user-centered design principles to create digital products that aligned with the company's goals and vision.
• Conducted user studies to deeply understand user needs and behaviors, shaping design decisions.
• Designed intuitive and engaging digital experiences, creating wireframes and high-fidelity prototypes using Figma.
• Collaborated with cross-functional teams, ensuring product designs met business requirements and adhered to the product timeline.
• Prioritized accessibility and inclusivity, using feedback from user testing to make data-informed design decisions.
• Performed regular user testing to identify improvement opportunities and enhance user satisfaction.
• Leveraged my UX expertise to shape and deliver successful products, demonstrating a robust understanding of user-centered design principles and proficiency with Figma.
• Gathered and incorporated feedback from project managers, graphic designers, and other stakeholders, ensuring the usability and functionality of designs.
• Resolved complex design problems, demonstrating creativity and strong problem-solving skills in crafting effective UX solutions.

UX Designer | Think Thunk Media
Canada, ON | May. 2021 - Nov. 2021
As an architectural technologist at CNTNR, my work involved many elements central to UX design, including strategy, management, and design thinking.
• Managed design workflows, ensuring consistency and user-focused design across projects.
• Created initial design concepts using industry-standard software, highlighting usability and aesthetic considerations.
• Directed team efforts for diverse projects, assigning tasks and providing mentorship to ensure project success.
• Oversaw multiple projects, maintaining high design standards while contributing to business revenue.
• Collaborated cross-functionally with consultants to define and meet project requirements, demonstrating effective stakeholder management.
• Developed and implemented the company's design strategy, utilizing a robust understanding of design tools and leadership capabilities.
• Created architectural prototypes, iteratively improved based on user feedback and project needs.
• Conducted design research to inform architectural decisions, ensuring accessibility and functionality of spaces.
• Developed detailed design documents and specifications, demonstrating ability to communicate design ideas effectively.

Architectural Technologist | WZMH Architects
Canada, ON | 2019 - 2020
• Participated in the BIM committee, leading to further development of my BIM skills and contributing to peer knowledge exchange, highlighting collaboration and continuous learning.
• Created initial models for mixed-use high-risers using Revit, showing skills in prototyping and visual representation.
• Prepared detailed working drawings and project documents for large mixed-use buildings, demonstrating precision and attention to detail.
• Developed drawing sets for SPA and permit application, highlighting an understanding of regulatory and compliance aspects.
• Worked on construction drawings package, focusing on plan annotation, wall sections, and details, showcasing the ability to translate complex designs into understandable visual formats.
• Collaborated across disciplines to create promotional materials such as 3D models, renderings, isometrics, and schematic plans, reflecting interdisciplinary teamwork and ability to communicate ideas visually.

Architectural Technologist | Teeple Architects
Canada, ON | 2017 - 2019
At Teeple Architects, my work revolved around design creation, project documentation, cross-functional collaboration, and implementation of feedback.

• Devised unit layouts for two large mixed-use buildings, demonstrating effective spatial design and planning.
• Prepared comprehensive working documents and drawing sets for large mixed-use buildings, ensuring accuracy and clarity in design execution.
• Participated in coordination meetings, effectively implementing discussed changes to align with project objectives.
• Developed regulatory documents and permit applications, highlighting a strong understanding of design constraints and compliance.
• Produced detailed construction drawings and annotations, translating complex architectural designs into clear visual formats.
• Collaborated cross-functionally to create promotional 3D models, renderings, and other visual materials, demonstrating teamwork skills and the ability to communicate design ideas visually

​​​​​​​Business Owner & Art Director | Miolo Mole
Brazil | 2008-2010
Being a small business owner in 2010 has deeply influenced my expertise as a UX designer. Through direct customer interactions, I developed a strong sense of empathy, understanding user needs and tailoring designs accordingly. Additionally, managing various business aspects honed my ability to approach UX design holistically, considering both user goals and business objectives. The problem-solving skills I acquired while overcoming challenges as a small business owner now enable me to identify and address usability issues, iterate designs based on feedback, and find innovative solutions. Overall, my experience as a small business owner has enriched my understanding of user-centric design, strategic thinking, and adaptability, all of which greatly contribute to my effectiveness as a UX designer.

Advanced Dipl. in Architectural Technology
George Brown College | Toronto, ON | 2016 - 2018

Google UX Design Professional Certificate

Google Project Management Professional Certificate

Get A UX Job Bootcamp
Interaction Design Foundation | 2020

Human-Computer Interaction
Interaction Design Foundation | 2020

Become a UX Designer from Scratch
Interaction Design Foundation | 2020

The complete App Design Course - UX, UI and Design Thinking
App Brewery Co. & Udemy | 2020


Adobe Illustrator | Adobe Photoshop | Adobe XD | Invision | Figma | AutoCAD

Other tools includes
Sketchup | Vray | Blender Basic | Autodesk Revit | Adobe Dimension

WFH 2020
My contributions
Gathering information about the user and designs inspirations
Define the problem and Brainstorming ideas
Schematic design using Revit and AutoCAD
Final Design prototype Using 3D modelling
Design of the presentation board

Green Academy Competition
My contributions
Team meetings to brainstorm ideas
Design User flow base on the information collected
Brainstorming Ideas
Schematic plans and views sketching
Development of the final design
Designing presentation board and graphic elements

Womo - Man Gift Collection
Understand the project and research user and similar products
Define elements to compose the collection
Sketched design Idea
Developed the final product in 3D
Design Presentation Board

Focus Junior Competition
Research about the theme
Sketched several character’s  ideas
Illustrated the final characters
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