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My Role
In this project, my responsibility as the solo UX designer was to develop the MVP from the ground up. This encompassed conducting initial research, creating wireframes, performing user testing, and crafting the UI design. I managed the entire project in Figma, seamlessly transitioning designs to the developer, all while closely collaborating with the stakeholder to ensure their vision was accurately brought to life.

Problem statement
Many individuals possess valuable knowledge and expertise that could benefit others, yet they lack an effective platform to share their insights and monetize their expertise. Potential mentors, coaches, and creators find it challenging to manage client relationships, bookings, and payments efficiently. At the same time, people seeking guidance or learning opportunities struggle to find and connect with suitable mentors or coaches affordably and conveniently. Existing solutions often involve complex scheduling systems and impersonal communication methods, leading to infrequent interactions and a lack of personalized engagement.

Our goal is to create a platform that simplifies how individuals with expertise monetize their knowledge and connect with those seeking guidance. By integrating easy management of bookings and payments with direct, personal communication through popular messengers, we aim to make mentorship and learning more accessible, affordable, and engaging for everyone involved.
Check the interactive prototype below.

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