What is it?
eBull is a stock trading app that has a main goal of  demystifying the complexity of stock trading.
The trading market is filled with information and data, and putting it all together can be overwhelming. While many trading apps over simplify the data, others can be too complex for beginners.
The problem  solved by ebull is to combine both
The goal of this project was to create an app that is simple and accurate while containing all elements that  will also satisfy the trading master.
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Understand trading
Understand stock trading. Although I had some previous knowledge I felt like I needed more. For this reason, I watched several video courses about trading, read articles and practiced on my own.

Competitive analyses
Upon gaining enough knowledge about stocks, I started to use my bank investing app, and I signed up for another Canadian platform as well.
Beside those two apps, I researched and watched videos about other apps, always taking notes of key features that I considered important.

From my analysis I concluded that one app was too complex while the other app was too simple.
Wealth trade is simple and the UI is pleasing, however I often got lost, and had to go around multiple ways to find what I needed.
TD on the other hand, was more intuitive and had a lot more information, however it had lots of hidden features. Which I only found out because I was studying the app in depth.

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User Persona
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User Flow
Information Architecture
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Wireframe of home page
I sketched many ideas and created even more wireframes. As an example, I created 6 hi fidelity wireframes of the home page and tested among 5 users. With the test results I determined which features were better for usability and which weren’t.

For the remaining pages I did fewer options and tested with 2 users to help me shape the app.
.  .  .
Style Guide
.  .  .
Final Product
Test the interactive prototype
Watch the prototype in action

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