Hello, I am Ge!

As a UX/UI designer with an architectural background, I am passionate about creating intuitive and visually appealing digital experiences. My approach combines architectural principles with user-centric design, aiming to enhance every interaction with thoughtful and effective solutions

This contract project involves the creation of a UX and UI design for a comprehensive platform designed to streamline the monetization management for creators, mentors, and coaches. The aim is to provide an intuitive and efficient interface that simplifies revenue tracking, enhances user engagement, and optimizes financial workflows for individuals in creative and coaching professions.
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First Listed TTM
I engaged in a 6-month contract to design the UX and UI for Think Thunk Media's app, First Listed. This app functions as a marketplace for physical products that are linked to blockchain tokens. It enables users to discover, exchange, buy, or sell these token-associated products seamlessly.
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Renoline - Construction Management Web APP
A UX and UI study presenting a Dashboard where clients can see project details and are able to participate in decision making and customize parts of the project from the convenience of their home.
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eBull Trading app
eBull is a stock trading app that has the goal of demystifying the complexity of stock trading for the average user.
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Tea Wellness Guide
The concept for this app is to propose a parallel product to DAVIDsTEA website. In the past tea was primarily used for many health benefits. This app focuses on these beneficial properties to help the user find the best tea for their specific needs.
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Creesps - Cassava Chips
This project is a UI Study that consists of designing a logo for Creesps (cassava chips), including the packing and the landing page used this new product.
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